“The Upside of Unrequited” Becky Albertalli


Molly has had 26 crushes in her short 17 years. She’s had 27 chances to ask a boy out, have a first kiss, make a move! But she hasn’t. She’s allowed that twist in her stomach and that fear of rejection keep her from being hurt. And it’s working. She’s never been hurt. She’s been just fine with her twin sister, Cassie, two peas in a pod. Until Cassie gets a girlfriend. Until Cassie starts to drift apart. Until Molly is all Molly has left and she doesn’t know what to do with herself. Then there’s William, a cute hipster boy she meets (Crush 27). As she starts a summer job to fill her time she also meets Reid. She never expected to meet Reid…

BECKY ALBERTALLI IF YOU EVER READ MY BLOG PLEASE BE MY FRIEND. Seriously. Please? Let’s exchange emails and totally hang out together right now (thanks Benji for being my inspiration in almost all of daily life).

Moving forward. I really enjoyed this book. I mean. Like. Really enjoyed. Remember my post about “Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda”? I mean this was up there on that list. Going back to the “representation matters” comment from that post I’d like to point it out again here. As a fat girl who grew up with a total of zero romantic love in her life I needed this book. I wish I had had this book when I was sixteen. I wish I had this book now (oh wait I do. yay!) It’s hard to love yourself, especially when you think no one else will. Molly perfectly describes being fat, and it kills me. I’ll get the quote wrong but it went something to the effect of “I loved me. I just didn’t think he would.” I. Cannot. Tell. You. How many times I’ve tried to describe that to people! Like Yes I love myself. Yes I think I’m amazing! No I absolutely do not think anyone will ever love me the way I am. It’s hard to explain. It’s not a self deprecating thing, it’s a reality thing, its a guard up thing. I love how Molly navigates what she wants versus what she thinks she should have. I love how no one in the book is really a dick, which is great because sometimes it’s not a “jerk vs nice guy” story. Sometimes it’s two great people and you’re stuck in the middle. And sometimes it’s unrequited and it sucks and you have to move on. I just cannot express my love for Albertalli and how much everything she does makes me happy; even when she’s making me sad. Also there’s a little “Simon” Easter egg (okay it’s a pretty big egg) that literally made me throw my book across the room because I was so excited. So that was unexpected and… exciting.

Also (spoiler) it takes place in 2015 when The Supreme Court Passed Same Sex Marriage. This plot point is small in the overall story but the one scene in particular (you’ll know it) just broke my heart in the most beautiful way. Thank you for that.

Happy Reading, y’all

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