Quidditch Through The Ages – Kennilworthy Whisp


Quidditch is the most popular only? sport in The Wizard World. Everyone knows about the time Bulgarian seeker Victor Krum caught the Snitch but Ireland won the 422nd World Cup Quidditch, or how Ginny Weasley played briefly for The Holyhead Harpies. But those would come later, this book starts at the beginning: How do brooms even fly? What are the rules? This book explains, catalogues, and explains it all!

Quidditch Through The Ages is another book of Rowlings that I read ages ago when it came out for Comic Relief but I had to listen to the audiobook when it came out. Of course the original foreword by Albus Dumbledore included, but now an additional hour an a half of bonus content and READ BY ANDREW LINCOLN I was sold.

As a long time lover of Andrew Lincoln I was super excited to get to listen to him talk FOR THREE HOURS. So I recommend enjoying this updated version of a classic text.


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