“Real World” (Bend or Break Book 5) – Amy Jo Cousins


Five years after “Off Campus” Tom and Reese find themselves navigating rocky territory once again. Tom is shutting down when news of his father’s prison release hits the papers. Reese is seeking affection elsewhere while Tom shuts him out. The two are playing a dangerous game and there’s no telling if this time they’ll be able to come back from all the tension.

Okay I have to say this sequel felt very rushed. It was a short book (novella length really) but it also felt too quick. Like a hurried epilogue. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it. I liked the drama and the tension and I loved the ending. I just wanted more. I wanted something deeper, more polished, more cohesive. I was just really eager for a lengthy… anything, fluff, angst… I don’t even know what I wanted more of. I think this book definitely could’ve used some improvement but it was really enjoyable all around.

I love that we got to see Reese’s life this time. Be inside his thoughts. I love how much growth they had made as individuals and as a couple. I love love loved that they were still struggling with their anxieties and that they weren’t magically cured because they were together (because as anyone with any mental illness knows that’s not how it works). So I loved that they were still working and making progress together. I loved their their relationship was fraught with valid tensions.

Overall I think I just wanted something a little more polished but it was still good!

Happy Reading!


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