“Stranger Than Fanfiction” Chris Colfer


Topher, Sam, Joey, and Mo just graduated high school and are going on a cross country road trip before college. When they jokingly invite their favorite actor from their favorite TV show to come with them they can’t believe it when he actually shows up! Drama follows the young actor, paparazzi, reports, the vicious online media. As the unlikely quintet heads across country to explore the country it becomes clear they’re not the only ones keeping secrets. Told in Colfer’s brilliant and unique voice this tale brings forth the struggles of feeling alone, isolated, and confused even when surrounded by people.

This book is wonderful, let me open with that. And before I say anything else I must say Mr. Colfer, should you ever happen to stumble upon this I want to say I do apologize if you feel even one tenth the way Cash does. People are crazy. Fans are even crazier. You are entitled to privacy, to your own life, and to peace and quiet. You are also not your character and I am sorry that not everyone knows that or understands it. (Also thank you for throwing Supernatural into the story at the end). I also love the term “Truth-shaming” not sure if you coined it or not but it’s a good one.

Anyway, back to the book. I really enjoyed this book. I love road trip stories. I love friends revealing their secrets to friends stories. I love coming-of-age-ish stories. I love celebrity stories. So basically this had all the things I love! I love Colfer’s character development and I love the way he makes a seemingly simple plot take on so much more than it could seem. I loved each of the characters but it did a little bit seem like he was trying to meet a quota of representation. It was good though, we need more representation in novels. I do however have to say I called the ending, but that didn’t make it any less emotional. Colfer does a really good job of making you feel things. I listened to the audiobook and it was read by Colfer which only added to the perfection I think. He is after all a storyteller and it shows.

The novel was compelling and a fast read (or listen in my case). I think it was simultaneously a love letter to fans and a bit of a reprimand. It’s a reminder than celebrities are human and we shouldn’t be so intrusive, with them or with people in our own lives.

I also really love the way Colfer makes even dark things comedic, he has a gift for dark comedy and I would be excited if he explored that; like in his novel “Struck By Lighting”. He’s a very readable author. My only complaint is that he killed the raccoon, which are in my top 10 favorite animals.

I think this is another hit from Colfer and its worth checking out.

Happy Reading!


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