“Yes Please!” – Amy Poehler


Amy Poehler’s honest and humorous autobiography explores her life on SNL, her work in the theatre, sketch comedy, growing up in Massachusetts, the struggles of being a woman, motherhood, marriage, divorce… the book is about Amy, who she is, what she aspires to be. It’s also inspiring, motivational, and funny. Just like Amy.

I’ve been a little bit on a memoir/autobiography kick lately (waiting for Hills new book to come in!) I recently read “Dreams From My Father” and of course a few others in recent history. I like reading about funny, warm, charming, successful, compassionate people. They help me when I’m struggling to remember why I should care about the world or any of its inhabitants because they go “oh look, I’m pretty cool, and people can be pretty cool if you just look at them this way” and then I sigh and smile and start looking at people “that way” and it helps. I’m babbling.

Anyway. Amy’s book is a lot like I imagine her as a person to be, chatty, firm but polite, a little neurotic, and amazingly legitimate. This book offered some fun stories about SNL, Parks and Rec, red carpets. It offered cute stories of childhood in the eighties, and college experiences. It told grand tales of being a woman in a predominantly male field.  Throughout all of the stories and jokes and insights though the underlying theme that tied the book together (and really what I think I can safely say is something that Amy stands for in general) is resilience. Getting knocked down and getting back up. Trying again and again and not being afraid to be an idiot. Doing something wrong one night and doing it right the next. Life is a fluid, constant, ever changing thing, and at the heart of it all is humanity. The struggle to get what we want, be who we want, achieve what we want – all while maybe trying to be a good person and do good things. Amy’s book is equal parts tough and soft; a great balance of honesty and brutality.

I need more people like Amy in my life. I think we all do.


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