The Chemist – Stephenie Meyer


Alex has been on the run ever since her employers decided she was expendable. She’s gotten very good at hiding, running, and staying alive. When a mission comes to her from her former employer offering her an out and an end to the cat-and-mouse game she’s in she has to choose between the risk that it could be a trap or the sliver of hope that this could mean the end of her running.

A small cast of characters gives this book an intimate feel on a large scale plot. Deception, government secrets, lies, and danger add to the page turning experience of Meyer’s latest work.

Immediately I’m sure there are people rolling their eyes at ‘another Stephenie Meyer book’. Honestly this one had more “The Host” like qualities which helped make it a good book. (I ain’t even trying to play, I loved the Twilight series so whatever haters). But “The Host” was much better written and “The Chemist” is on par with that. Meyer’s writing is definitely improving with time. (Again, not that I can even judge because she’s a NYT best seller and I work at Target soooo).

Anyway, point being, I generally don’t like crime/assassin/government books but I read this on a recommendation (and because I’ve liked Meyer’s work in the past) and it was actually a really good find. I listened to it mostly on Audiobook while in my car (I moved recently and my work commute is now about an hour long so I have some extra time) and the narrator, Ellen Archer, was really great.

I thought the characters were well flushed out, the plot was contrived but I liked it. There were points where the “twist” was obvious and predictable but again, I kind of like that; helps me feel smart.

Anyway, overall not a bad book. Fun to get through and had a good pace. Go for it or don’t.

Happy Reading!


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