“Dreams from My Father” – Barack Obama


“Dreams From My Father” is Obama’s first memoir published in 1995 on the precipice of Obama’s Senate campaign. The memoir delves into Obama’s early life, growing up biracial in Hawaii, moving to Indonesia in during his youth, and back again to Hawaii. It also explores his friendships, and his struggles to make a change as he grew up and attended law school.

The stories he recallsĀ bring forth laughter, tears, and inspiration. Spoken eloquently and truthfully the novel not only provides a brief history into Obama’s background but also showcases what there is to be gained with a little determination, hope, and faith.

The book was honestly everything I loved about Obama as a president. It was truthful, it was blunt, it was inspiring, it was heartfelt. In a time when I miss Obama as a leader every day it was nice to go back and read this novel; read about his struggle, about the American peoples struggle. Read the words of encouragement and of hope. It felt good to be reminded that hard work is the only way to get things done – that hemming and hawing about things won’t stop them from happening. You have to start small, day by day, and take on those challenges to meet the bigger goals and defeat the larger demons. As the Reverend said you have to have the Audacity to Hope. This book was a really great reminder of that and something I very much needed to read in my life.

This is a great book to learn a little bit more about Obama or if you are just really missing him and needed him in your life just a little bit more. (And if I may suggest, the Audiobook is narrated by him which is a beautiful thing).

Happy Reading.



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