The Beast Is An Animal – Peternelle van Arsdale


“Being a child is like a story someone once told me. A story I don’t believe anymore.”

Alys was just a child when the Soul Eaters came to her village, sucking the souls of the fearful adults and leaving only the children. Forced to travel to the nearby village of Defraid the orphans of Gwenith make the best of their new lives.  But the Soul Eaters aren’t all that the Defraider’s have to fear The Beast lurks in the woods as well; calling to Alys.  Burdened by what she saw the night the Soul Eaters came Alys goes through her days struggling with who she is and who she might become.

This book felt like a faerie tale. It was captivating and had that sense of submerging you in a different world – it felt like a story you’d grow up with along Red Riding Hood, or The Pied Piper, or any number of cautionary tales.

The storytelling really was what tipped this book into a favourites list for me. The characters, the concept, they were all wonderful but the way that Arsdale writes is submerges you in yesteryear and really feels like something purely mythical.

I loved the way the Soul Eaters were written and the mystery of The Beast and the Soul Eaters. The attention to historical accuracy about Witches was weaved beautifully into a fictional realm of faerie tale. It really is just a great story and beautifully written.



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