“Storm” – Sara Gilberts

Storm Sara Gilberts


Rain lives a modest life. He makes a living bringing pleasure to guys (and sometimes girls) who can afford his particular brand of services. He had a reoccurring client “John” who makes Rain question the things he feels and what he knows. Can Rain continue living the way he does, or will this new feeling boil to the surface?

Eric has found his muse. He pays for love because it’s all he knows to do. But now love might be available for the taking and he’s not sure if he knows how to fight for what he wants, or just let it go.

I very much enjoyed this romance. It had enough of the will they won’t they and “but we’re different” formula to give it that familiar comforting feeling and enough unexpected behaviours to keep it new and fresh. The sex and light BDSM was a bonus.

One thing I do want to address specifically was an interesting point about Bi sexuality and I’m not even sure if Gilberts meant to do this or if it was accidental. At one point Rain and Eric have a conversation about Rain being with men and women and Rain refuses to “use labels” about himself. Eric goes on to question if Rain is Bi and they have a few words about it. What frustrated me was why Rain couldn’t just say “yeah, dude, I’m bi” but what I also loved on the same coin was how Eric wanted Rain to pick “bi, straight or, gay.” It related to Eric struggling with his own sexuality and they addressed this whole myth that bi doesn’t exist but still never resolved it? I don’t know. There was something really frustrating about the language that was also very realistic about how bisexuality is viewed. I wanted to make sure and mention that because to me (and you know probably the whole bi community) bi erasure is really fricken frustrating. Bi’s exist. End of story.

I really don’t need to turn this into a soapbox for bisexuality so moving on. I really enjoyed the story and I think it was good overall. I liked Rain, he was like a puppy. I just wanted to bake him a pie and fix everything in his life. Eric was interesting, he was intimidating and cool maybe because that’s how Rain saw him. As we got to know his character I started to feel like I understood his motivations more. I was a little bothered that some side characters just stopped existing basically and I wonder what happened to them… I have definitely read my fair share of bad kindle books so I’m happy to report this was not one of those. One thing I thought was kind of entertaining is the characters physical descriptions are nothing like they look on the cover. I’m sure they used a stock photo or something but it was highly entertaining to me.

I think if you’re into gay romance you’ll probably like this. If sexy gay men aren’t your thing move along.

Happy reading.



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