“Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them” – Jo Rowling


Magizoologist Newt Scamander comes to port in New York in 1926 amidst a rather tremulous setting: New York seems to be under attack from a silent mysterious force. When his own mysterious case containing a variety of rare and exotic creatures is misplaced and multiple magical creatures are released into New York Newt not only has the task of finding and collecting the creatures before harm can come to them but also of avoiding the MACUSA (Magical Congress of the United States of America) who finds him quite suspect.

With the help of a confounded Muggle, a Legilimens, and a reluctant heroine, Newt will embark on an adventure that he hadn’t quite planned on.

As a hardcore Potterhead (though I never much took to the nickname to be honest) I eagerly lap up just about anything Rowling puts on paper. I read the original FBWTFT text book and was thoroughly entertained but the screenplay THE SCREENPLAY. Ugh. The movie was beautiful, absolutely visually stunning! (Yates, Kloves, Heyman are a power trio I cannot even begin to praise enough. Add James Howard on score and my God you’ve got the makings of perfection!)

So when I got the screenplay for Christmas I just about cried (I cry over everything, it’s a perk of being me). But I was so excited to have a way to stay inside the world for a while more. The screenplay is of course just that – the script. It was therefore, obviously, everything I expected (having seen the movie multiple times). But Rowling lends herself to perfection and the screeplay is written beautifully with illustration throughout and colorful imagery in the scene settings.

Absolute perfection.

I highly recommend treating yourself to this written component.


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