“Scrappy Little Nobody” – Anna Kendrick

First completed book of 2017 and we’re only on day one! Good way to break in the new year. 

Now, Scrappy Little Nobody is a memoir of sorts – a collection of stories – from Kendrick’s humble rise to stardom. Have you never heard of Anna Kendrick? That’s okay, not many people have. 

I first came to know of Kendrick through Twilight – she made Jess my favourite character. Then I saw her in Elsewhere which is still one of my favourite movies to date. The Voices, Fear Itself, Mr. Right, Pitch Perfect, Drinking Buddies, Rapture-Palooza, Into The Woods, Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates – okay now I’m just becoming IMDB. The point is I enjoyed her biography of work and then I followed her on social media where I wondered if her tweets were the kind of thing that pop into your head or the kind that take you three hours to think of. (After reading her book I’m going to go with pop into your head – not that she needs anyone’s validation cause she’s a boss ass bitch). 


In all honesty this book was well written, funny, touching, and honest. It was like having coffee with a friend you needed to catch up with and they did all the talking but sometimes you’d find yourself going “oh ha ha ha Anna! I’m from Maine too and I also can’t sail! What a hoot! Do you also hate lobster? because we might be soul mates.” 

So if you are familiar with Kendrick’s work or social media presence I would recommend this book. If you’ve never heard of her before I’d recommend this book because really what do you have to lose except multiple hours of your life and some semblance of sanity? 


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