The Stand – Stephen King


When a violent super flu known commonly as Captain Tripps eliminates 90% of the earths population the survivors find themselves gathering toward the beacons from their dreams: Miss Abigail Freemantle or Randall Flagg. Broken into three books in a true portrayal of good versus evil The Stand explores human nature, religion, and the end times.

It took me three months to read this book. And not for lack of interest but for sheer depth and content. I had tired to read it years ago and had never been able to sink my brain into it. I was always distracted, never in the right mind set. I had the pleasure of watching the movie many years ago and I love it. So when I tried to read the book I already had too many preconceived notions. But when I finally started to plow through the book I got caught up in learning new things about my favourite characters. I was frustrated to learn things about some of them! Not to mention this is one of the most realistic apocalypse books ever written. Humans creating a super-flu and accidentally releasing it on us all? Yea, that’s in the Top 5 Most Likely End Of The World Scenarios (in my opinion).

The way that King writes emerges you and takes every bit of your brain power in the best possible way. I’ve read quite a few other books my King (Pet Semetary, Salem’s Lot, The Eye of The Dragon to name a few) and I always instantly love the characters. They’re flawed, they’re broken, they’re annoying, they’re heroic, they’re villainous, they’re believable, they’re incredulous. He uses language so brilliantly that you just start to feel and know everything, like you’re so in the characters head you can make decisions for them. But with a book like The Stand it can be really hard to take in all of that at once. Not only do you have dozens of characters to keep up with but the content is so deep; thinking of complex sociological and existential concepts for 1135 pages? That’s an endeavour. But it’s one I very  much enjoyed and I’m very glad I took the time (at my sisters behest) to read it. I would recommend.


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