A Moment Of Your Time

Hi y’all!

I want to take a break from your (semi) regularly scheduled blog reviews to ask a favour. There’s this adorable little child who wants to go to summer camp. He’s got some pretty great influences in his life that are doing their best to donate to his camp fund but they can only do so much. Times are tough. His parents make “too much money” to get any sort of financial aid help for this programme but they do not make enough to afford the entire summer camp tuition! Every year this little guy has to spend his summer at Summer School where he stays inside, reads books, watches movies, sure that’s fine on a rainy day but he’s a kid he deserves to be outside! Playing soccer, going to the beach, taking field trips! Every kid deserves a summer to make friends, play, be a kid! So please, if you can follow this link I’ve attached to the adorable little kids photo and follow it to his GoFundMe page I know it would mean the world to him! As an incentive you will receive a “Thank You” email or card from the little guy himself AND I will draw you a beautiful stick figure 😉 (honestly I can’t draw to save my life, but give me a fandom and an idea and you will get an adorable stick figure creation out of it. I can provide samples of the goods if you’re interested.) Please feel free to share this GoFundMe Page and lets get this little guy to summer camp!


(as a reading topics update I’m about 1/3 through Stephen King’s “The Stand” currently. It’s going quite well).


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