Falling Under – Gwen Hayes


“Falling Under” chronicles the story of Theia Alderson, a well protected albeit sheltered girl living in Serendipity Falls, California. She lives her life by her father’s rules of practicality and complacency; constantly fighting her wayward spirit. But someone comes along that unleashes her grip on herself; sending her tumbling into things she can’t understand.

Warning: This story has two books. “Falling Under” ends but you know that’s not the end. The second book is called “Dreaming Awake” and is available pretty much anywhere. I have not yet read “Dreaming Awake” as I only just finished “Falling Under” yesterday, but if it’s an indication to how I felt about “Falling Under” I will be keeping an eye out for “Dreaming Awake”.

This book was mostly character. The plot was thin and that’s okay. I love character books. Of course these characters kind of made me mad the whole time; but that good mad where you realise you must care because you keep yelling at everyone.

Also, it pains me to read books that involve anything supernatural because I just get so angry; being a self-proclaimed paranormal aficionado I just want to scream at them “DIDN’T YOU READ THE LORE!?” It’s irrational but there you have it.

Anyway, back to the book itself. I read it straight through over the span of two days (work and what not preventing me from reading it in one go). It was good. I felt compelled to continue reading (although part of me wonders if that was just because I wanted to make sure I was right and solved everything before they did). It made me feel and care which I think are good qualities to have in characters. I look forward to reading the second one. Also I was checking out Gwen’s website and this series sounds interesting, about the start of a new world. I love Post-Apocalyptic books so I’ll be checking that out also.

Anyway, happy reading!


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