2016 Family and Friends

I wanted to write something about New Years before the new year. I would articulately summarize my year, the pros and cons, the ups and downs the beauty of endings and new beginnings. But I missed the deadline. New Years Day came with its usual fanfare and just like that a year had gone by. A year of new experiences, of new hopes, new dreams. It’s hard for me to really appreciate New Years Day in itself. It’s a day that marks a new year that was decided upon by Romans in 2000 B.C. (I won’t go into the history of Janus) regardless, ages ago people decided to have January be the beginning of the year. That’s fine. I love the conformity of everyone (in my nation, in my knowledge) following the same method of keeping track of time. On the opposite side however I dabble in philosophy, so I like to say “but every day is a new year.” Every day someone is born, every day someone dies, every day marks the beginning of something new and something passed. So celebrating the New Year is great for me, and I love that collective conscience of the world celebrating as one and feeling the same energy in those moments. I love the concept of fresh starts and new hope (not to be confused with Star Wars: A New Hope), I just labour under the delusion that they can happen any day of the year.

That brief 2016 introduction actually ties in to what actually got me onto writing a New Years post today, two days later. I was in my room doing some painting, listening to convention panels from Toronto Con ’15. For those who don’t know (and I don’t care if you don’t care) I am apart of a beautiful Family known as The Supernatural Family. You can call us dorks, you can say we’re lame, I don’t care. But we are this collective group of humans who genuinely are there for each other. We support each other, we uplift each other, we argue with each other, we side with each other, we rally, we inspire, we are everything a family is supposed to be. So, as I’m watching these panels and the actors, these members of our family, are talking about how they wouldn’t be anywhere without us (literally, if there’s no fans there’s no show, if there’s no show they have no job) but also metaphorically, how our passion, our energy inspires them. So I’m just about to text my friend (who I met at JerseyCon last year) and another good friend I’ve had most of my life, I’m about to text them and say something corny about how much these clowns mean to me and my new friend, my new family member, she texts me nearly the same thing before I even hit send on my phone. Out of nowhere we were both driven by the same thought, in the same moment. I’m sure it’s coincidence, throw a couple fangirls in a group chat and you’re bound to overlap in your thoughts. But it was just such a beautiful moment where I was thinking about my SPN Family and my SPN Family was right there thinking about us too.

And I love how connected the internet allows us to be. I love how involved we can be now in our obsessions. I love that I can say “oh that loophole, let me see if anyone else noticed and what their theories are” I can go on any number of social media sites or various forums and find dozens of people talking about the same thing and it’s not always pleasant sometimes it’s childish or rude, but more often it’s articulate and well thought out and analyzed. And it’s great to be able to connect to thousands of people all over the world and we can come together through the smallest of things.

I’ve danced around a bit and veered slightly off topic of New Year but I promise I’m bringing it back around.

But it’s more than the show now. It’s gotten bigger than that, it’s evolved and moved on, it’s become a genuine family, like I was saying. I can call upon any one in my SPN Family and say “I’m having a bad day, I need you.” And they’re there for me. And I’m there for them. We are the literal definition of family. We aren’t blood, and we might not have even met in real life yet, but we are family. We are a family spread over continents and cultures and generations. We are bound by more than blood.

My point with all of this is that when I had that moment of collective thinking about my friend while I thought about her over the same thing, and I thought about how she has become my family, how all my friends are my family, it made me think of New Years and new beginnings. There’s so much hope in the new year, some much promise, for a brief moment the entire world thinks “This is a fresh start. This year can be different. This year can be better than ever.” The entire world for one brief moment is the same in thinking how beautiful hope is.

And my rambling conclusion is that yes, this year begins with hope. Yes this year begins with possibility. And yes, this year begins with family, and support, and love, and everything beautiful and good.

Family Don’t End With Blood.

Always Keep Fighting.

Happy New Year.


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