“The Bible” – A Collective Work

So lack of updates would make it seem I currently am taking a hiatus from reading. That is not the case. I am currently re-reading The Bible. I read it when I was a kid but didn’t absorb much except weekly lessons from Pastor Paul at my church and the teachings of Church Camp. But I decided now that I’m older and a priestess of the Wiccan faith I should brush up on other religious beliefs and mythologies. When I was in college I had an amazing professor who was the most inspiring woman. And she always had us comparing religions, challenging ideas, beliefs, questioning morality tales, looking deep within ourselves for outside truths. She is an amazing woman and one of my favourite professors (and people) ever. I had a brief moment sophomore year where I wanted to switch my major to theology because I was fascinated by what people believe as individual cultures and how these beliefs morph and transform overtime and bring us together (or tear us apart) as a species. So I’m brushing up on my religious studies. Starting with the good old bible because it’s honestly the one I’m most familiar with already (raised Christian and went to bible camp for many many years). Figured it was a safe place to start. I want to explore Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Egyptian Myth, Grecian/Roman, Shinto, pagan (including but not limited to my own Wiccan practice, Druidism, etc…) Rastafarian… There are dozens of religions I’ve never heard of and the ones I have heard of I feel I don’t even know half as much as they could teach. I just want to learn everything about faith, morality, stories of creation, of family, choice, ethics… I’m truly fascinated by all of it. 


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