“The Girl Who Chased The Moon” – Sarah Addison Allen


“The Girl Who Chased The Moon” is the compelling story of the lives in a town called Mullaby. Emily Benedict is whisked away to this strange town after the death of her mother. Living with her grandfather, the town Giant, is going to be an adjustment, but when strange things seem to be the norm, and when her mothers blank past starts becoming written Emily begins to question everything she thought she knew. Looking for answers Emily encounters Julia, Sawyer, and Win; but the more she tries to find out about the town and her mothers past, the more questions arise…

I love Sarah Addison Allen. I read this book last weekend while camping. I had no internet signal so I couldn’t upload a review right away and then I was horrifically busy catching up on the chaos of life. Regardless, I read this book in about two days (as I do with all Allen’s books). I love the way she blends fantasy into realty, so seamlessly and believably. She has this way of just exploring the boundaries between what is happening and what could be happening. It makes for not only compelling story telling but for a way to look at the world around you in real life and get lots in the enchantment.

I highly recommend all of Allen’s books and this was no exception for me. It wasn’t the best book of hers (I still think Garden Spells takes the cake on that) but it was definitely enjoyable. There was one minor thing I wish she had gone into detail on (and I can’t quite say what without major spoilers) but let’s just hope if she ever makes a sequel she goes into the history a bit on this one thing. But even so, isn’t that most of the charm of these books? How there’s just enough fantasy that you start to believe anything is possible, but there’s enough mystery that you don’t get bogged down by logic? It keeps the atmosphere and the feeling of something bigger, greater, different it keeps that feeling of mystical and doesn’t lend itself to our trivialities.

Apologies. I rambled a bit.

But yes. Great book. Great author. Go read.


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