The Cellar – Natasha Preston

Summer is out with her friends one night when a chilling voice calls to her, “Lily”. Cue Summer being abducted by a creeper in a van and carted away to an even creepier basement apartment that she will now share with three other “flowers”. Summer must try and survive to get out of this horrible nightmare.

Now usually my reviews are pretty positive. I even had someone ask me “do you just like everything you read or do you not review the bad ones?” Well. Both. I generally know what topics I like and which topics will bore me. So usually I pick only things I will likely enjoy. In addition, if I don’t like a book I don’t feel the need to criticize the author on the Internet. My cup of tea might be someone else’s bitter prune juice, my cup of bitter prune juice might be someone’s cafe au lait. And I really try and fill the world with positivity more than negativity. So really, who am I to cast aspersions. But I do sometimes get the book or two that I did read all the way through and it just wasn’t for me. And that’s okay. They’re just fewer and far between. So I can critique without being rude. I hope.

This book was sadly one I just couldn’t get into. I felt the author was repetitive at times to the point of causing the reader (I.e. me) severe frustration. I felt the characters were underdeveloped and I felt nothing for any of them.  The plot was a good idea, I liked the concept a lot. But I just couldn’t get into it. I’ve seen a ton of reviews that call it a “heart-stopper” and “thrilling” but I didn’t feel any of those things. I hope that people like it and that I’m the odd duck but overall it wasn’t for me and I do not recommend.


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