“Lost Lake” – Sarah Addison Allen

After the death of her husband Kate and her daughter Devin leave Atlanta for a trip to visit Lost Lake, a summer get-away resort that was owned by Kate’s great-great-Aunt Eby. Not even sure if Eby’s still around but needing some spark of change to wake her up Kate and Devin visit the Lost Lake, finding more than they bargained for when they arrive.

“Lost Lake” is told in a beautiful way, connecting stories of crazy and quirky characters threaded altogether by this magical lake. The characters are otherworldly and gripping, the story is beautiful and alluring. Once again I couldn’t put the book down except for basic human functions. I wasn’t lying when I said I had become addicted to Sarah Addison Allen. She just knocks them out of the park with every publication. All of her books leave you feeling so… full. They’re all so rich with the story they need to tell and the way they captivate you stays with you longer than the novel goes on. I will preach to the choir about these books and this author because man, she is compelling.

To read excerpts or to buy click the picture for information.


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