“Garden Spells” – Sarah Addison Allen

“Garden Spells” Claire Waverly might feel like everything in her life can be controlled. Everything has routine, everything has structure. She has her business, her garden, and herself. She doesn’t let anything into her life that she can’t hold on to. . . until a whirlwind blows into her life. Struggling with past, present, and possible futures Claire has to learn to navigate without a road map, and it’s not easy.

So, it’s all my roommates fault. She got me addicted to Sarah Addison Allen and now I’m staying up to finish her books (you can read my previous post on “The Sugar Queen” here).

This book was even better than “The Sugar Queen” and I wasn’t really sure how that was going to be possible to be honest. I loved the dynamic of the characters, I loved the feel of the story. The plot, the concept, everything was absolutely perfect and mixed together in the most beautiful way. I don’t know if it was simply that the characters spoke to me, their past their relationships, everything felt so spot on. Everything was relatable without being generic or cliche.

I don’t know how “Lost Lake” is going to top “Garden Spells” but that’s my next adventure!

For more information on Sarah Addison Allen and her extraordinary work follow the link on the picture!

Happy reading!


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