How’s everyone’s new year starting off?

I wanted to post today, mostly to be honest because I’m procrastinating both work (my job I get paid for) and “work” (my novel writing). I already went to work today for 8 hours so I am not too keen to do MORE work off the clock (I love my job but honestly everyone needs an hour). I sat at my computer (my actual desktop from like 1975) to write and I have no distractions ignore Pandora playing and Trivia Crack Pinging and I still was drawing a blank of what to write.

So I thought maybe I would write a blog post instead; hey, at least it’s words.

I was up until about two in the morning reading a fanfiction last night (Destiel, Christmas fic, it was rather good). As I was finishing the story I realized how late it was (and subsequently how tired I would be in the morning) but it occured to me that I hadn’t read a book in quite a while that easily kept me up until two finishing it. I have been very busy (I actually have two jobs I physically go to keeping me busy 7 days a week, and my writing and painting have taken a far back-burner lately – in fact they’ve been in a completely different kitchen). So reading just hasn’t been a viable option. It’s work, work, sleep, work work, sleep, maybe eat?, sleep, socialize?, sleep, work… well, you get the idea.

So, for the first time since pffft, maybe Thanksgiving? I had some down time and I decided to read a (semi) lighthearted fanfiction rather than get into a book.

Anyway, what’s your opinion on fanfiction? I know a lot of people really dislike it (they call it “impure” to the fandom – even if it is mostly canon compliant.) Other people live for it (it’s the only way you can have LITERALLY ANYTHING YOU WANT happen to your favourite characters).  Some people just don’t like the way that the fans handle fanfiction in real life (I admit to a bit of squeamishness when fans ask the actors their opinions. I have a very strong level of secondhand embarrassment). Some people say it’s not “real reading” some say it’s awesome.

I am of the opinion that words are words. And to be honest I have read fanfictions that are better written than some published books. I don’t think the content or the medium matters so much when you’re expressing yourself. And a lot of times I will sit down with a fanfiction over a book.

Current poison is anything “Supernatural” or some Kock (“Star Trek”) fanfiction. But I am always a “Harry Potter” reader at heart.

Maybe I’ll make a fic-rec just for fun…

Care to weigh in?


2 thoughts on “Fanfiction

  1. mindy913 January 21, 2015 / 1:29 am

    I personally have never really read fan-fiction. Not really. Although, I enjoy the concept, I guess I am more…I don’t know…hmm…I don’t want to get boggled down by other plot lines/universes, etc. or, get more annoyed when characters don’t do what I thought they should based on a ‘better’ story line I read…I am not making sense…but I view it as, not watching a trailer for a movie…I go into watching my shows…virgin..without any preconceived ideas, just whatever the writers have in store. 🙂
    However, some fan-fictions are doing well enough to be published (see 50 shades of gray :0)

    • WriteForAbsolution January 21, 2015 / 1:35 am

      True. I know a lot of fans who don’t bother to get into the extended-verse shall we say. And lesbionest sometimes I get a bit too invested in the fanfictions (to the point where I sometimes confuse fanfiction with canon and thereby completely have to reevaluate everything) which can get exhausting.

      Please, do not get me started on “Fifty Shades” because I will have a personal breakdown all over the internet. Let’s just say I’m happy to be leaving the industry before that film comes out.

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