The Lunar Chronicles: Cress- Marissa Meyer


The third installment in”The Lunar Chronicles” series, this novel is centered around “Cress” – a future day Rapunzel.

I very much enjoyed this installment. I love how Meyer is weaving all of the stories together to make them come alive and I loved all of the plot, action, drama. I think Cress really shows us all something about how it is to rely on yourself, but still needing others. In traditional Rapunzel fashion Cress is brought up alone (on a satellite rather than in a tower) where her only visitor is a wicked mistress. Cress is brilliant, she has the spatial-temporal reasoning of a true genius hacker. She is inventive and quick, a real asset to Cinder and Scarlet. I think the three women and their comrades make for a very dangerous team. I love seeing the “princesses” being the fuel for the fire, and it being their job to save the King is brilliant.

I think this was a great installment. It looks like a fourth book is coming in 2015, “Winter”? I’m not sure what it’s about but I have a few theories. I eagerly await 2015 now.


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