Supernatural: The Heart of the Dragon – Keith R.A. DeCandido

Summary:  Based on the hit CW (originally sy-fy) show “Supernatural” comes a story about family.  The Winchester brothers have to fight a fearsome foe, the likes of which they have never seen before; but their father and mother have.  A dragon, summoned every two decades comes back with a vengeance, calling Sam and Dean to the task, twenty years after John laid the beast to rest, and forty years since the Campbell’s fought the menace. The brothers set out to do what their parents couldn’t – will they succeed?

Okay, so as far as glorified fanfiction goes this was really good. I mean, published novels based on TV shows are not an uncommon thing (I used to read “Dawson’s Creek” novella’s when I was  like twelve). But just because these stories aren’t canon, and because they’re not written by show-runners/contributors doesn’t mean they’re not good stories. I mean, I get most of my fandom fills from AO3, tumblr, or but regardless, I saw the published books at Barnes and Noble and I just had to get at least one of them. I mean, I crave a book companion to Supernatural more than anything. There were a few to chose from, all written by different authors, but since this one seemed to have a lot of Campbell back-story I decided it would be the most unique.

I liked the concept and plot. I think the characters were pretty spot on! Great job getting the characters right and writing a story well enough that I was able to be lost in it as though it were an episode. There’s one flashback scene where Sam and Dean are young and John is talking to them and he reprimands them for bickering and Dean says “Sorry, Sir” and for some reason the way it was written into the story was so spot on Dean I just had to stop reading for a second because of all my baby!dean feels. But honestly, it wasn’t bad.

I think if you’re looking for a Supernatural fix in between new episodes and fanfiction just isn’t grasping you for some reason might as well go out and try books. They feel more real and it’s nice to pretend Carver Edlund was real and wrote us real books.


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