Wild Cards – Simone Elkeles

So it’s my favourite time of year again. That time when my favourite authors release new books! I was very, very excited that Simone Elkeles released her newest book yesterday; so, being the dedicated human I am (and you may recall such behaviours from me in the past, such as this post) I dropped everything and got thy too a bookstore!

Okay, so that’s not 100% accurate as there are no bookstores in my town anymore >.< But I did drive into town and go to Target, where I was happy to see that in their limited book collection section (squeezed halfheartedly between the five dollar DVD’s and the newest iSungPhoneMabobs) that they did in fact have the newest book by Elkeles. I purchased it immediately, speed walking through the aisles of tempting (and albeit reasonably priced) home goods, to the checkout where there were approximately 7 bored checkers waiting to help me. My face alight with eagerness as I purchased the only thing I had come in for (a record in an of itself when entering the black hole that is a department store).

Finally, I had “Wild Cards” in hand and ventured home. Now, you may be asking yourself, if I am such a huge fan, why did I not read it until today? A whole 19 hours after purchasing it?  Why did I not devour the book immediately? Well, you bring up a fair point. I can only say that I knew I would want ample time and silence to dedicate myself to the task of indulging in all 342 pages. 

Anyway, enough about the schematics of my life. Let’s discuss the book shall we?

“Wild Cards” follows the lives of one Derek Fitzpatrick, and one Ashtyn Parker as they struggle through their summer between Junior and Senior year. Ashtyn is a star football player – a kicker and naturally the only girl on her team – she is strong, dedicated, motivated, and determined to prove to anyone who challenges her that she belongs. Derek – a prankster with an attitude and a jaded past – is ready to challenge her in all the right ways. Together these two are a powder keg ready to ignite.  The story is weaved by Elkeles in an addicting way that makes you sit in the chair, read the book, and forget all human functions until you’re done. Trust me.

My only regret about the book is I read it in one go, and now I have to wait for another new book by her. In the meantime, I can watch the Wild Cards webseries.


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