Maximum Ride (Manga) – James Patterson (NaRae Lee)

^ link to James Patterson’s website (and the novel versions of “Maximum Ride”), and this will take you to the Yen Press website.

The story of Maximum Ride follows a flock of kids (Max, Iggy, Fang, Gazzy, Nudge, and Angel) who have been genetically altered to have wings (and other unique abilities). They are on the run from the group that kidnapped them, known as “The School”, but as they run they try and discover more about who they are, and what their purpose is.

I have so far read volumes 1-4 of the Maximum Ride manga series (only up to volume 6 has been released, and 7 will be released in October). I admit, I started reading this for the wings. I chose the manga because I’ve never really been able to get into James Patterson’s novels, but I really liked the idea of the story, so I thought the manga might be a good way for me to enjoy it. I was not wrong. I love this series. I read all 4 in a day. The story is catching, the characters are great, and the art is amazing. I ordered 5 and 6 from my library and I can’t wait to read those too. Although, I am slightly devastated that 7 isn’t even released yet! I may have to read the novels after all!

But I definitely recommend the story – it’s got a conspiracy feel to it, and it’s definitely a page turner.




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