“The Maze Runner” – James Dashner

Warning straight up (since I did not get the fair warning from my source) this is a series. But never fear! All three books in the series are in stores already! (And the prequel too!) So happy reading on that (without having to wait!)

The story opens on a boy – Thomas – who is locked in a dark box. He has no memories, no idea where he is or why. Suddenly the box opens and he is introduced to The Glade and it’s inhabitants.

Thomas slowly learns the rules and secrets of The Glade, and when things start to change he and the other Gladers must work together to find a way out, or die trying.

I really enjoyed this book. It was interesting because everything is revealed to the reader as it is revealed to Thomas – so the reader is in a constant state of confusion and anticipation (just as Thomas is).

Dashner did a great job inventing a language and a feel for a different kind of world.  He uses good prose and a well scripted pace that keeps the readers attention and interest. I look forward to seeing how the rest of the series turns out.


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