Warm Bodies – Isaac Marion

Warm Bodies


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I generally attempt to word my own summaries, but the summary for this novel uses the term “existential crisis” and I just love that! So, I shall paraphrase and site my sources, from the dust jacket, “R is a young man with an existential crisis – he’s a zombie”. R muddles through what’s left of the world, moaning, grunting, occasionally uttering a word or fragmented sentence.

But then he meets Julie, and things change. He changes. The world is no longer black and white, living and dead; it is change, it is hope, it is confusing.

Told in a stunning narrative this novel is a great one for anyone with a keen eye for something different. I personally greatly enjoyed this novel and I have a lot more   to say about it. Continue reading for a full outpouring of my praise.

I restrained myself from posting any spoilers except vague juxtapositions of book to movie.

Okay, so I saw the movie “Warm Bodies” which came out a few months ago (it’s coming to DVD June 4th I believe for those interested) and I loved it! It was funny, heartwarming and a great social commentary on the human condition. I learned the the movie was based on a book but I told myself I wouldn’t read the book.

Please, hold you gasps of horror.

The reason I had decided not to read the book was because I liked the movie so much and I was afraid I would see the book, enjoy it, and then ended up being jaded by the movie and saddened at the Hollywood bastardization.

However, after much debate I finally said “okay, I’ll read the book.” so I got the book. And I read it.

I was surprised to find it was slightly darker than the movie. There were things that were changed, outfit choices, plot arrangements, scene changes, but by and large I felt that the movie was a well done adaptation. It was simplified and gussied up for a wider audience but I don’t feel as though it lost any of its essential value in the translation.

Furthermore, I loved the novel. It was darker, but I feel that it had a lot more truth and honesty to it. The social constructs by which we conduct ourselves are ultimately going to be our ruin, and I believe Marion hit on that so well in this commentary. Moreover, the way he writes is stunning. His soliloquies, analogies, dialogues, imagery. The imagery was gorgeous. Some of his lines were so stark and beautiful in their most basic honesty I had to pause just to read them again. My favourite being: “Once you’ve arrived at the end of the world, it hardly matters which route you took.” This line is just absolute perfection. There was also a beautiful parallel he created between birth and death, the womb and the darkness; just moving and beautiful.

So yes, I enjoyed the book. I loved the movie. Just a great set of zombie perfection. Well done Marion.

Happy reading everyone else.

Oh, and also, there is a prequel novel “The New Hunger” which explains how the world came to be in “Warm Bodies” so I’ll probably check that out too!


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