Captive Hearts – Matsuri Hino (Complete series 1-5)

I hadn’t read any manga in a while, so when I saw that this series had just come in at the library I decided to get them out. I was already a fan of Matsuri Hino because of “Vampire Knight”  and “Merupuri” so I was instantly drawn to the Shojo story and art style.

The story revolves around Suzuka and Megumi; there was a curse put on Megumi’s family by the Dragon God that his family would be forced to serve Suzuka’s family for 100 generations. Suzuka and Megumi can’t be sure if Megumi’s feelings for her are because of the curse or what he truly feels; will they be destined to suffer this curse forever or can they change their fate?!

This story was really cute! And being only five volumes it’s nice and concise and doesn’t get into the sticky situation a lot of manga can when they go on longer than the life of their story allows.

I think if you like Shojo manga, and you’re looking for a quick, cute story, this is definitely one to check out. The characters are lovable and the plot is fun.


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