The Eyes of the Dragon – Stephen King

Clicking the link above will take you directly to the “The Eyes of the Dragon” section of Stephen King’s webpage.

“The Eyes of the Dragon” is a novel that is hard to summarize. It’s a faerie tale of sorts, it involves dragons and Princes and magic and wickedness and good and darkness and light.  Honestly, to summarize this novel is basically just to say it’s an adult faerie tale. King tells a story that is – like many of his stories – so involved in plot and character that it’s hard to say “this story is about Peter, the man who would be King” because that’s only one aspect of the novel. This story is also about Flagg, about Thomas, about Ben and Dennis and Roland. . . it’s an elaborate fictional history of Delain.

I was told by my mother – who is a dedicated, loyal, avid even, Stephen King fan – that I would love this book of his. I have read quite a few other Stephen King books in my day – “Salem’s Lot” or “Pet Semetary” perhaps being my favourites. So, I decided that reading this book would be enjoyable.

I have to say it was indeed. The story literally feels like a Chaucer tale. I felt like I was gathered around a campfire, listening to the bard weave a tale of days of old. I was enthralled in the characters, the intrigue, the plot. It was wonderful to read.

Also, Stephen King’s use of the English language is just mesmerizing. He is such an amazing story teller. The way his brain cultivates these prose, it’s astonishing. If I could fathom myself as having even a shred of his talent I would be a happy writer. Of course, he is a particular taste. Some people do not necessarily care for the fact that we know every shade of detail and every aspect of a character – that may seem irrelevant to the reader – but I tell you, if Stephen King thinks to write it in his novel it is most likely not irrelevant.

Would you like “The Eyes of the Dragon”? Do you like fiction, Princes, magic, medieval era feeling literature? Then most likely yes. Yes you would. Do you enjoy a well crafted story told by an iconic literary legend? Then yes, yes you would.

I thought the novel was wonderful, and it made me want to delve even deeper into Stephen King’s imagination. I intend to read his “Dark Tower” series in the very near future.

Happy reading.


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