Wings – Aprilynne Pike

Wings (US)

Laurel has been home-schooled her whole life, until now. High school is something her parents believe will be good for her. Laurel thinks otherwise. It’s stuffy. The florescent’s are too manufactured. And how does she socialize with people of her own age? Well, there is David. He’s nice, and kind, and he immediately opens his friendship circle to her. So Laurel realizes that high school is going to be okay; even if she has to deal with being confined indoors. But then, something strange happens. Laurel discovers a small bump on her back; at first it’s nothing to be concerned about.  . . but then it starts to grow. . .

I read “Wings” at the behest of my best friend. She assured me it would be time well spent. Well, I’m happy to say that her opinion is still very much valued. This book was really good. It flowed smoothly, the plot was well developed. The characters were sound. I look forward to reading the sequel, “Spells“, because “Wings” did leave on quite a cliffhanger.

I love fantasy books and this book is a perfect addition to the fantasy ya genre. I recommend it!


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