Going Too Far – Jennifer Echols

^link to her webpage

Meg has a knack for getting into sticky situations. Of course, she’s never gotten in trouble like this before. After corrupting the schools Valedictorian and taking a trip to the off-limits bridge Meg finds herself being taught a lesson by the very cop that arrested her. Officer After, has seen things he doesn’t like to think about, and seeing kids be careless – the way Meg is – irks him. But it’s more than that. She irks him. Spending a week with the loud, annoying, pain-in-the-butt girl was not on his agenda; but now that it’s happening how far will they push each other?

This book was fantastic. It was actually just what I was looking for. After reading “Halo” and thereby inadvertently getting sucked in to ANOTHER series this short, quick, single book was perfect. It was funny, sad – really sad actually, get some tissues – but then it was witty and clever.

I love Jennifer Echols in general, since I read “Forget You” I’ve just loved her writing style and characters. I have “Endless Summer” checked out by her too which I fully intend to read soon.

I think she’s a great author and her stories are really good reads. So pick it up if you like teen drama/romance kind of books!


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