“Supernaturally” And “Endlessly” – Kiersten White

Supernaturally (Paranormalcy, #2)

(click either picture for a link to White’s blog)

Sequels to “Paranormalcy” which you can read my opinion on here.

Writing reviews for sequels is really hard for me (which is why I’ve put it off for a few weeks now). I just find it difficult to say too much without spoilers.

Clearly, it can be surmised that I enjoyed the books enough to read the second and third in the series. I think the writing was just as good as it was in the original. I enjoyed the plots. I’ve been getting annoyed lately that it seems I only end up reading series; but I think that’s one of the plights of like teen supernatural fiction to be honest. Regardless, the books were good and I enjoyed reading them.

I thought that the books were well written and a perfect mixture of feels.

If you’ve read “Paranormalcy” go and finish the series! It’s worth it!


One thought on ““Supernaturally” And “Endlessly” – Kiersten White

  1. Yanira December 13, 2013 / 8:29 am

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