Halo – Alexandra Adornetto

“Halo” is the first installment in the “Halo” trilogy – “Hades” and “Heaven” follow.

My library only has the first two novels – “Heaven” having just come out over the summer it may take a few more months for the library to obtain it; cue my anger and sadness. I am heading off to the library tomorrow to nab “Hades” before someone else does and I will let you know how that read goes A.S.A.P.

First off, you lovely readers should know something about me. I. Love. Angels. I love guardian angels, fallen angels, warrior angels, snarky angels, smooth angels, vengeful angels, forgiving angels, baby-in-a-trench-coat angels. I just love them. Every kind of angel. If there’s a book about angels I will read it. Because for some reason I am addicted to the creatures.

That being said. This book was fantastic.

The summary of the book (since I skipped around and decided to go off about my love of winged warriors from heaven first) is basically this: Three angels (Gabriel, Ivy, and Bethany) come down to earth to spread good and help earth fight the threat of darkness. The angels come down hiding their – for lack of a better word – powers, and attempting to blend in with the humans they were sent to protect and encourage. Cue the boy. Because there’s always a boy.

Xavier Woods and Bethany share a bond, far stronger than she could have expected. She is distracted by their connection, and it is a concern that she’s not focused on the mission. But Bethany is determined that she can handle being an angel and a girlfriend.

Throw in a potential love triangle – Jake Thorn – and a demon or two and this novel makes for a perfect concoction of awesome.

Adornetto writes a beautifully crafted world with believable and likable characters (and dashing villains).

The sequels will hopefully live up to the introductory novel.We shall see!


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