Fleur de mal

Fleur de Mal has nothing to do with this post – I’m just obsessed with that song… Moving on.

“Love Letters” – Katie Fforde

The story of a girl (isn’t it always) Laura, the quiet shy girl who works at the bookstore.. well the bookstores closing down and she doesn’t want to go on the dole and frankly she’s out of options. Until a book signing leads her into a potential job. This potential job leads her on an adventure, with someone she thought she’d  never get to know, where she meets the her favorite and most influential author! Now if only she could find in him everything the books say.

This story was adorable. A great tale of being true to yourself, disregarding expectation and finding love in everything. To summarize in three terms: adorable. cute. awkward penguin.

“The Summer of Us” – Holly Chamberlin

A tale of three girls who all end up sharing a summer beach house together where they earn more than the friendship.  Through their experiences (past, and present) they look forward toward the future.  The girls spend the summer dealing with life and learning how to live.

In three words: Fun. Moving. Real.



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