The Wallflower – Tomoko Hayakawa

The Wallflower – Volumes 2-26

The Wallflower as mentioned in my previous post is about a girl who is completely in love with the darkness, and the four boys who try and change her so they can get free rent.  Well, throughout the series it basically meets every shojo requirement – betrayal, random mean people who bully for no reason, ghosts, and craziness.  But it is all quite amusing.  I think that if you’re a fan of shojo you’ll probably like this series.  It’s not done yet though so beware, there is more to come.  So if you invest in it you’ll have to really invest in it.  Or get it from the library like me ’cause I’m poor LOL


But I think Hayakawa does a good job of keeping the audience interested despite the fact that there’s a lot of random chapters and the book doesn’t really progress much (every time there’s a big shift or progression it goes away again).  But that doesn’t really take away from the novels themselves.  They’re still fun.


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