You can read this, or you can read that

B.O.D.Y -Ao Mimori

In B.O.D.Y we find our heroine (Ryoko) in love with Ryu, the silent, studios, do-gooder boy in her class. Everything thinks she’s weird for liking the mysterious loner boy but then Ryoko discovers a secret about our shy, quiet man! Could handsome perfect Ryu be the same guy she saw working for a Host Club!? What kind of amoral man is he?!

This is the perfect definition of a shojo manga.  It’s light, funny, airy.  The plot is there and sound but not exactly deep.  I think this story has a lot of potential for being one of my new favorite series.  I got this from the library and I just checked out the next 8 so I’m pretty pumped to keep reading (I will keep you up to date of course!)

The Prince of Tennis – Takeshi Konomi

Ryoma Echizen attends a private school famous for its Tennis club.  At this school tennis prodigy Ryoma will learn more about the game he loves and what exactly it all means to him. But will the rest of the team warm up to him and let him in?

This was not my favorite story.  It sounds all like ‘aww nerdy tennis savant has no friends and tries to make people like him’ but it just didn’t come across that way.  I think that if I was more into shonen style I would have liked it more, but its a challenge for me to read a book when most of it is just pictures of a 12 year old serving a tennis ball.  It wasn’t bad, just not my cuppa.

The Wallflower – Tomoko Hayakawa

Sunako is a creature of the night – by her own choosing because one time a boy called her “ugly” and she decided to hide from the world.  Four devilishly handsome men want to live in Sunako’s aunt’s boarding house and she offers the boys rooms rent free if they can turn Sunako into a lady.  The boys eagerly accept the challenge but does Sunako – who can barely stand to look at the “creatures of the light” – even want to change?

This story sounds kind of gooey and lackluster but it’s actually quite good.  I’ve checked out the rest of the volumes the library had (up to 10) and I’m looking forward to reading them.  I think that the characters are pretty good, and I can see them evolving even more as the series continues.  Plus, I like Sunako, she’s like a tulip, all shy and scared but when it blossoms it’s beautiful. So yes, it’s pretty much a shojo through and through.

Beauty Pop – Kiyoko Ari

Kiri doesn’t care what she looks like, but she does like to work her beautician skills on those who do care.  When Narumi (a national champion under 18 salonist) hears of someone challenging him and his skill (even though no one is and its kind of in his mind) he sets up an elaborate competition to take down this mysterious make over king (or queen!?)

I really thought I was going to like this series.  I thought it sounded fluffy and weird and just the thing I adore! -_- it was not.  It wasn’t horrible but the whole idea of Narumi handpicking girls to “make them pretty” was just insulting. And I didn’t like all the stock they put into girls being ugly and stuff… it was just really shallow.  I felt like it wasn’t the best idea ever, or wasn’t presented the right way or something…

Aside from manga I got a lot of books out of the library as well so be prepared for that onslaught as well once I get the ball rolling on those 🙂


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