“Stalker Girl” & “The Magicians”

“Stalker Girl” – Rosemary Graham

 Your boyfriend breaks up with you. Happens every day. It’s only natural to want to know if he’s moving on. And with whom.  What’s so special about her?

This book was alright.  Carly – the dumpee – told the story of her foray into stalking and a retrospective of how her and Brian met. 

I liked the way the story was told, a mixture of past and present.  The character were a little flat.  Overall, not a bad book per say but if you never read it you’re not really missing anything.


“The Magicians” – Lev Grossman

When you’re a 17  year old super genius there’s not much ahead of you in life but Princeton and who knows what else.  But Quentin is different.  He can do things ordinary people cannot. Determined to accept that Princeton will be his life, with an unrequited love and despair being human fate – despite his fantasies of going to places like Fillory (a place of fantasy based on the Christopher Plover novels) – he accepts that magic just isn’t real.  Or is it? One fateful day he finds out just what it all means; and he struggles to find out if he can be more than a typical nerd.

Grossman blends a fun world of magic and science.  The characters are raw and the story is intriguing.  The fantasy of the story is believable and well done.  Grossman uses an intricate web to weave his story.

All around good book. I must say the main character – typically the spot of a the hero – was not what you’d expect.  Good use of character development and honest emotion.

Be warned.  It’s a series.  And book two isn’t even out yet.


2 thoughts on ““Stalker Girl” & “The Magicians”

  1. Mindy July 31, 2011 / 8:27 pm

    🙂 I am looking forward to the Magician Even if I couldn’t get into Codex! I think I will pass on Stalker Girl, although when I read the title for the blog I thought you were talking about you stalking on of the weasley’s clearly I need to get out more!

    • writeforabsolution July 31, 2011 / 8:58 pm

      well.. I am an EXCELLENT stalker. So that would have made sense. And I’ve spent the last forty minutes or so thoroughly stalking Tom Felton… so yea.. it wouldn’t have been a stretch xD

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