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“Catching Fire” – Suzanne Collins

The sequel to “Hunger Games”.  What will happen to the victor of the Hunger Games? Does being out of the arena really mean you’ve won or is there a bigger game being played?

This book was really good – especially since sequels are challenging to create and often fail to live up to their predecessors.  I think Collins succeeded in gripping the reader and making a character the reader will really love and care about.

It ends on a nasty cliffhanger though, so make sure you have the third book- “Mockingjay” – on hand.


“Mockingjay” – Suzanne Collins

The conclusion of the triology.  Tragic.  Uplifting.  Happy. Sad. Honest.

I can’t really say too much about this book honestly because it would give away the series.  I think that Collins ended it as well as she could.  Some of it might have been a little unnecessary and it wasn’t my favorite book in the series; but I think it was just as well written and it was definitely a decent conclusion to a fantastic series.  Enjoy.

“Stolen” – Vivian Vande Velde

Who is this girl? Lost in the woods.  Could she be the missing Isabelle? A princess? An animal transfigured into a girl by the evil witch?

This was a good, quick, read.  It was like a fairy tale ghost story.  Velde has a smooth writing style.  I liked the way the story unfolded itself and the twists in the plot kept it at a good pace.  I think that fans of Velde, or fans of short stories would enjoy it.

“We Were Here” – Matt de la Pena

This is the story of three juvenile delinquents – all with their own tragic pasts – traveling to Mexico to start over.  But just what will they discover about each other and themselves as they race against time (and authority) to the border?  Are some pasts able to be forgotten? Can people overcome their transgressions?

This book was really good.  I quite enjoyed it.  I love the way stories can take pieces of someone’s life and analyze them and magnify them into beautiful tales of redemption and forgiveness.  I also really enjoy stories about emotionally disturbed/criminal boys because sometimes I believe you really just do need a chance to learn and grow.

This story really gets at the heart of what it means to grow up and be forgiven – not by others because that’s not important – but to forgive yourself and to grow from your mistakes and be a better person.

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them” – Newt Scamander

I read this ages ago when it came out but with the release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2” I decided to reread it out of nostalgia. 

It’s so adorable the way they – JK and her infinite team – made a book that’s one in the Harry Potter universe; but they “modified it for Muggles”.  I also love that the profits went to charity to help underprivileged children read.

In this book you will find all manner of creatures, information about said creatures, and of course the Ministry of Magic’s classification.  Not to mention a forward by the great Albus Percival Wolfric Brian Dumbledores himself.  And to top off this book there are little written in comments by our favorite Trio.

“Six Rules of Maybe” – Colletti

What happens when your selfish, noncommittal sister comes home from her grand adventure in the city and she’s married!? Moreover, how do you try to keep her from screwing up her marriage with the most perfect guy ever when you might be falling in love with him yourself? How can you be a good person and do the right thing when everything you do blows up and turns disastrous? Scarlet doesn’t know the answers either…

What can I say about this book? Fantastic concept. Great idea. Not well edited. Colletti and her editors kind of dropped the ball on this one, I found quite a few spelling/grammar issues and a couple inconsistencies in plot.

With those noticebale limitations aside it was a pretty good book.  I liked the story, the characters were fairly well done.  Sometimes there seemed to be too much philosophy though.  But I don’t mind a book with a  lot of philosophical ramblings as long as they flow into the story.

Not the best book ever, but not the worst.  I say go for it.


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  1. Mindy July 16, 2011 / 10:22 pm

    🙂 I miss reading your blogs!! 🙂 So glad you got one up!

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