Words, words, words.

I have a lot to talk about this post.  I have seen two movies and read two books since my last post! Rather than doing 4 posts and spamming the world, I shall simply put them all in one post.. If I could learn how to cut link like in livejournal then it would be even simpler xD Let me begin with


Magyk by Angie Sage.

The story of the wizard family the Heap’s, who’s son mysteriously dies at birth, but they find a little girl in the woods on the same day.  Nine years later someone is after their daughter, and they will do anything they must to protect her.

This book was… okay.  It wasn’t fantastic, it didn’t suck, it just kind of was.  Maybe I wasn’t in the mood for it, or maybe that’s just how it is.  There are 5 books in the series I believe, and I don’t know if I’m going to run out for the next one.  I feel like I should have liked this book a lot more than I did…

It did have good twists and there were some good lines.  Sage does a good job of describing things she made up for the wizard world so that was useful.  I think that this is probably a good series if I were a little younger. Which is weird for me because normally I’m all about books about younger people.  The protagonists of the story were only 10 years old though; and I don’t know, for some reason I just wasn’t feeling it.

Ethan Frome  by Edith Wharton

I had to read this book for class.  Apparently people read it in like ninth grade but I guess I missed out on that one.  It’s the story of a narrator who goes into this small town for business and there they learn the story of Ethan Frome; so the story is told in a flashback kind of way.  Ethan, who is now in his fifties when the story begins, is a very miserable man and the narrator learns what might be the cause of this when they stay at Ethan’s house one night.  The novel then flashbacks to Ethan’s youth (when he was about 28) and the story of how he came to be mangled and depressed.

I liked this book.  It wasn’t uplifting at all.  There was only like one happy part and even that was laden with misery.  I liked it though.  It’s a very short book, and the writing (at least in my edition) is huge.  But it was really interesting to hear Ethan’s story and to understand why he is. But there was a piece of information left out (no doubt on purpose) and that one piece of information makes the whole thing feel like a giant cliffhanger and obviously Mrs. Wharton isn’t writing any thing else on the subject.  But, aside from my hanger at ‘leave you hanging’ kind of books, it was a very good novel, and I recommend it if you missed the boat in school.


Jamie, born with a heart shaped birthmark on the left side of his face, is tormented with finding love.  After a horrible incident happens to him and his family he is desperate for companionship, so he makes a deal to remove the mark and find love; but at what cost?

This was the saddest horror movie I have ever seen. I think netflix classifying it as horror is an egregious misstatement.  It should be categorized as Dramhorror.  Yes, there was scary little demon things, but there was way more drama than fright.

I picked this movie because Jim Sturgess is supremely attractive (you may remember him from 21 or Across the Universe).  I really need to stop picking movies for hot guys.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a fairly good movie even with its ending which reminded me of a certain TV series that I shall not mention for spoiler purposes (let me just say I cried during the television ending for oh I don’t know 3 episodes).  This movie did not make me cry.  But it was very tragic, and I enjoyed it but don’t expect a horror movie if you watch it: expect a self realization drama with creepy demon things.

After a high school prank goes fatally afoul 6 high school students try and figure out how to live their lives thinking they murdered their peer.. only how do they react when who they thought was dead comes into class on Monday looking the picture of health?! Tamara is back from the dead and ready to extract REVENGE!

This movie has cheese written all over it.  Tamara was like Jennifer’s Body, Carrie, and Jan Brady all rolled into one. It was good though.  There was a lot of gore, and cliche and some surprise.  Tamara was played by the beautiful and talented Jenna Dewan (or Mrs. Channing Tatum as I like to call her).  Dewan is 90% of the reason I watched this movie, but the other 10% was because I wanted to see a campy teen horror flick.  It worked.

This movie had all of the elements of a typical teen horror flick, with some new surprises.  I think that if you like kind of average flicks like Graduation Day, or Carrie you’ll probably like this movie.

And there! I am finally caught up with all of the things I’ve been reading/seeing.  Enjoy my cyber friends 🙂 And don’t forget to click the pictures and links for more information!!!


One thought on “Words, words, words.

  1. Mindy April 17, 2011 / 9:02 pm

    Wow you’ve been busy!! I think I’ll skip the movies. I read Ethan even if I don’t remember much of it. Its sad about Magyk though…I keep seeing and keep thinking to read it…I might still if I run out of things to read haha!!

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