INSIDIOUS- Movie Review

Where does your spirit go when you die? Where do you go when you sleep? Dalton falls into, what the doctors classify as a coma (despite there being no scientific reasoning for the coma).  When the Lamberts realize their house may be haunted they call in a lady to help them get rid of the angry entities; until she informs them that the entities will not leave the family alone, because they want something more than a house.

This movie was pretty creepy. I mean, it was really jumpy.  The music was phenomenally placed throughout the film, and the (what I like to call ‘scare ques’) were perfectly timed.  For a scary movie, this one hit the bar I think.  There were parts however where I was a little annoyed at the predictability of the film.  And there were some parts where I was like “0___________o BWAHAHA” because it was just hilarious and not scary at all.  I mean, for those parts I don’t think the makers meant it to be scary per se, I think they were meant to be like ‘uhhh’, which then they accomplished. I must say one of the most fantastic things about this film was the opening and ending credits.  The way they made the title credit, in conjunction with the music, made it very ancient and frightening in an archaic way.  It was very well done so props to the credit guy (or gal).

The cast was not fantastic.  There wasn’t a whole lot of emotion I felt.  The mom was better than the dad, but I think it was also the dad’s character to be a bit withdrawn, but there was still something lacking in the performance. (They are played by Rose ByrneGet Him to the Greek and 28 Days Later – and Patrick WilsonA-Team and Watchmen – respectively).

I also liked that the movie was about more than creepy little kids; because watching the trailer that’s the impression you get.  There was definitely more elements to the film and I enjoyed that.  I think if you like scary or jumpy movies then you will like this film.  It echoes the first Paranormal Activity in the suspense category, but it is (I think) a better film.  Click on the picture for the trailer 🙂


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