Macbeth – Movie Review

Based (loosely) on William Shakespeare’s tale of powerhungry and ambitious (but somewhat lacking in motivation) Scottish General Macbeth who is persuaded by Lady Macbeth (and 3 supernatural witches) to kill the King and a whole other mess of tyranical doings before subsequently going crazy and getting usurped… anyway.  This movie, staring Sam Worthington and Victoria Hill is a modern adaptation of the play.

First, I liked the idea that it was set in a modern time (Macbeth was turned into a mobster), but they kept the old English (kind of like how they did the 1996 Romeo and Juliet).  I think that that is a really great way to keep some of the inegrity of the original plays but still have an air of modernity.

Second, what was with the orgy. That was a little much.

Third, I had literally just finished reading the play and then I watched this movie, so everything was still fresh. Yes, some things were changed, lines cut etc. But I think overall they did a good job of keeping the general theme and plot of the play. 

I think that this was a good movie overall; but I really like when they (they being the vague term for directors) decide to make Shakespeare modern while keeping his language original. I think it has a really cool effect.

The hardest part of this movie was the Austrailian accents speaking old English XD I don’t know, I thought it was challenging to hear them at times.  But overall good flick.


One thought on “Macbeth – Movie Review

  1. mindy March 27, 2011 / 10:38 pm

    Not my favoite play…probably gonna skip this!

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