Limitless – Movie Review

Edward is a struggling writer, living in a tiny apartment in China Town, his girlfriend is breaking up with him, he has to write a novel in five days… the world is fading away from him; until a chance encounter changes his life forever.  Now he has focus, he has clarity, ambition… but at a cost.  To what lengths will you go, when the world is limitless?

Okay, so I probably shouldn’t be a tag line writer, but that was pretty epic summary right!? This movie was awesome.  Let me begin by praising Bradley Cooper on another fabulous job; Robert DeNiro two thumbs up to you my friend.  And cinematography guy Jo Willems you were phenomenal.  The camera shots, the editing, the picture, it was all gorgeously done.  To add to that, the script guy! I was concerned going into this movie that it would be too ‘smart’ for me.  The concept of someone who can have endless intelligence and all that kind of makes my head explode, so I was afraid it was going to be like ‘what is he even talking about!?’ but the script guy did a really great job of making sure the audience followed, even if Cooper’s character wasn’t sure where he was leading… it flowed really well and made for a very crisp presentation.

I was thoroughly impressed by this movie, and I am glad I had an opportunity to see it.  I think that it was witty, thought provoking, and all around extremely entertaining.  I love this concept for a film; even people who tend to hate most movies (like my dear friend who shall remain nameless <3) liked it.  And that is saying something.

So my friends, if you have ever liked any movie with a plot, good actors, great cinematography, and a pretty hot male lead then chances are you will also enjoy this thought-provoking cinematic experience.


One thought on “Limitless – Movie Review

  1. mindy March 19, 2011 / 1:22 pm

    Darn!!! I wish I had seen itt

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