Red Riding Hood – Movie Review

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke and staring Amanda Seyfried, Shiloh Fernandez, Max Irons, Billy Burke, and Gary Oldman, this movie has a cast that speaks of greatness (or at the very least popularity).

A masterful retelling of the classic “Little Red Riding Hood”, a young girl, Valerie (Seyfried) betrothed to one young man (Henry, played by Irons) but in love with another (Peter played by Fernandez) must choose between love and obligation.  To make matters even more trying for Valerie a terrible wolf is torturing the tiny village where she lives, and it’s out for more than blood.

I really enjoyed this movie.  I realize a lot of people don’t like Catherine Hardwicke as a director, they think she has her characters act to obviously, or the scenes don’t work – but I think her style is perfect for this type of movie, that dark edgy forest town kind of movie (which is also why I actually liked her for Twilight where a lot of people didn’t but that’s another story all together).

Another complaint critics had about the movie was that it was too similar to Twilight in its setting and even plot.  Well, while there is a bit of a triangle, and it does take place in a quiet secluded town, and it does star Billy Burke, it is still very much it’s own movie.  I think that there is a lot to be said for a movie that can have you guessing the entire time.. and I feel like this movie did that.  Also the acting was really good, and that made it enjoyable.  Plus, it’s based on a faerie tale so it wasn’t like it was trying to be unoriginal, it already was a remake of a story that was created four hundred years ago.

I think this movie was a lot better than people expected it to be. I know I tend to be easy to please with movies but there you have it.


One thought on “Red Riding Hood – Movie Review

  1. mindy March 19, 2011 / 1:17 pm

    I enjoyed it too!!! It got rotten reviews but I thought it was good!

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