New book idea?

So my writer’s block is slowly dissipating.. I think it was that weird dream I had about Paul Wesley and Justin Bieber.. but I digress.  While the Muse’s are at play I decided to try and write some of the idea I had for this new story, and I wanted you fine people out in cyber world to tell me what you think…

This is just the prologue, and I don’t have much more than that, but it’s the prologue that brings people in anyway xD

Also the story is thus far untitled, so here were go: feel free to comment with thoughts 🙂


A lot of people are good at being alone. Independent.  They can walk into a cafe, sit down alone at a table for four and drink their fusion as though they don’t care that they are alone in the world.

I’m not one of those people. I shy away, into the corner.  I drink hurriedly and I always have an eReader or my music on so people don’t approach me.  I shut out the world; but the truth is, the world shut me out first.

I’m the outsider.

I am human.


2 thoughts on “New book idea?

  1. Mindy March 2, 2011 / 9:45 pm


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