Hit and Run – Review

A girl hits something on a deserted road. Thinking it was merely a deer or something she goes home only to find that it wasn’t a deer! Dun dun dun

Oh, if I could only surmise the epic cheese that this movie is laden with.  Let me say this; for the first half of this 80 minute “thriller” you get to watch a 20-something girl have a nervous breakdown.  For the second half you get to watch her have a nervous breakdown, with her boyfriend.  This movie had a standard idea and with that idea the creators made a standard movie.  It wasn’t bad persay, but it wasn’t brilliant. 

Also, the killer was labeled as bi-polar… I think it put a really bad stigma on people who have bi-polar.  I’m not an expert on the disorder, but I have studied it and his behaviour didn’t seem very bi-polar, it seemed more schizophrenic.. but that’s just me.

I think this movie was average at best… the lead girl was kind of annoying… and she screamed a lot..


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