Candor – Pam Bachorz

A town where every student is a model student, parents don’t have to worry because their kids know to be home by curfew, not to invade others space, or do anything except excell in school and extra curriculars.  Except Oscar Banks, he is the child of the towns designer, and he is helping people disobey the rules, getting people out of this brain-washing town… for a price.  Until he meets Nia; then everything changes.

This book was good.  Overall.  It lacked a certain amount of eagerness shall I say.  It flowed decently and the wording was well done but it was missing that extra hmph.. that extra intensity that made you sit up all night reading.  It took me like three days to read it so I mean it was good but not everything it could have been based on the plot.  The characters weren’t developed as fully as I think would have been good, but in essence that makes sense…

Anyway, that being said; I think the last chapter makes up for any deficiencies the book may have had prior to that.  So if you like books about brainwashing Stepford style then go ahead and pick up Candor by Pam Bachorz.


One thought on “Candor – Pam Bachorz

  1. Mindy February 27, 2011 / 5:10 pm

    Going to pick this one up as well!! 🙂 Blogs rock!!

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