“Playing with Matches” – Brian Katcher

Book Review Time!

The story of Leon Sanders, a goofy/nerdy teenage boy who is in love with Amy Green; perfect blonde cheerleader extraordinaire.  Through conincidence and a group project Leon ends up forming a  friendship with Melody Hennon. Melody is a girl who was burned in a horrible fire when she was 4, leaving her with horrible scarring, almost no hair, a barely there nose, and almost no ears.  To say she is shunned by the society of the high school hierarchy is an understatment; but as her and Leon become friends she opens up and Leon wonders if maybe he doesn’t love her. But can he really forget Amy?

I liked this book a lot.  Katcher has a way of writing characters that are simultaneously loveable and huge dicks.  I think there’s a real sense of … realism to his characters.  A rare honesty.  Maybe it’s because he tends to pick opposing characters who have difficult lives, so you hate to admit the honesty in some of the things his narrators think, or even do; but it’s truth.  I think that’s why his characters are so hard to hate even when you want to be a bigger person and think they’re douche bags, you can’t because they’re honest usually.  Or maybe I’m just a douche bag too xD

I didn’t like this book as much as “Almost Perfect”.  I liked it a lot, and you should read it if you liked “Almost Perfect” or read it before AP and then you’ll like AP all the more probably. I just think that the characters had more substance in AP; Leon and Melody certainly had substance here as well, but it wasn’t on the same level.  Katcher hasn’t written any other books besides these two so I guess I’ll have to wait till he writes a new one, which according to his website won’t be any time soon. *sigh*


One thought on ““Playing with Matches” – Brian Katcher

  1. Mindy February 27, 2011 / 5:10 pm

    Was just going to see if the library had this!! Thanks I will pick it up!!

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