Peaceful Warrior – Review

Another rendevous on my “watch all of Paul Wesley’s movies” journey. 

Peaceful Warrior Poster

A college gymnast has a chance encounter at a service station that changes the way he performs, and the way he views life.  The movie is actually based on the book “Way of the Peaceful Warrior” written by Dan Millman.  You can check out the book here and the trailer for the movie here.  I believe the book is part fact/part fiction, and the movie follows that guideline as well.

I liked this movie a lot.  It had so many over-used elements.  Crazy old teacher, check.  Hot headed main guy who ‘just wants to win’, check; lessons learned? Well, I’m not telling you’ll have to watch the movie (or read the book) for that.  Despite the over-used hero journey I really liked it. I haven’t seen a movie about a male gymnast before, so that was good.  It wasn’t like a typical underdog football team, or hockey team, or cheerleading squad. . . I liked that it was an olympic sport so it was known, but still kind of obscure.  I mean aside from “Stick It” there aren’t many gymnastics movies.. . or maybe there are and I just don’t pay attention.  Regardless, I liked this movie for it’s differentiation from the norm.

Let’s talk Paul. He was literally only in this movie for like 15 minutes of the total 2 hours.  Yea. He was hot for those 15 minutes though. I’m not sure if it was actually him on the rings, or if it was a stunt double but damn he fine.  He was kind of in his cocky, bad-boy character which I kind of have a hot spot for.  I think that his arrogance, when he shows it, is something that would get him in trouble but it’s sexy.

Scott Mechlowicz played Dan and let me just say I spent 90% of the movie wishing this kid was Freddie Prinze Jr. . . I think it was the haircut.  I had flashbacks to Freddie when he was like my age and looking so sexy.  Have you seen him lately!?  I tell you, he is not aging all that well; and he needs to stop shaving his head, his hair is his sexiest feature.  Anyway, Scott Mecholowicz hasn’t really ever been in anything. You can check him out on his imdb page. I’m fairly confident he did the stunts in the movie, because like why would you hire an actor who you’re just going to have to get a stunt man for; when the role is so heavily dependent on his gymnastics? I can’t confirm that though. 

Overall, good film.  I am a little sad I didn’t get to see too much Paul, but Scott and Nick Nolte (oh yea, he was Socretes, the mysterious old teacher guy) were a superb pair.  I think this movie has a lot of heart.


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