Cloud 9 – Review

I have decided to watch every movie Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder have ever been in.  I am very close to completing the Paul Wesley collection having only 4 left to view.  That being said my next reviews might not be movies I would normally watch (or they might be) but yes I am only watching them because of the attractive men.  . . don’t judge.

Cloud 9 is about a man, Burt Reynolds, who likes to try and get as much money as possible by doing as little work as possible.  He decides to create an amateur womans volleyball league team using strippers. . .

I can summarize this movie in just four words.  Burt. Reynolds. Is. Hysterical.  I never really knew this man to be so funny! I thought his character was awesome.  He was so horrendous and inappropriate but in such a way that you just love him and find him, well hysterical as I pointed out already.  The whole idea of the movie is comical, so before viewing you think there will be an element of “omg, why am I watching this?” but the reality is that moment’s not really there. The movie is good.  I liked it.

The girls who played the strippers, (Olga, Corazon, Crystal, and Champagne) were really good; they really seemed sweet and fun.  I think that they portrayed strippers in a postive way.  Not to say they’ll make girls want to be strippers, just that they make strippers seem like less of a social pariah.  I liked them.

That being said, let’s talk about Paul.  Now, I won’t say too much about him but if the volley ball strippers don’t invite you in to watch this movie maybe Paul Wesley (you know him as serious brooding Stefan Salvatore?) being a college drop out stoner will turn your eye to this film.  Paul’s character Jackson is of unknown origins (meaning it’s unclear just how he came to work for Burt Reynolds character).  We find out he did at one time have two scholoarships to two different schools, a volley ball scholarship (hence his role in the movie), and a baseball scholarship, both of which he gave up to be a skateboarder.  His character is ridiculous and I loved him.. It was so funny to see him act so . . . dumb.  I loved it.  And if you’re not into his character as a stereotypical California stoner, then watching him run half naked up the beach might be a pleasent bonus.  Mmm he is gorgeous… moving on.

Overall, this movie was very cliche.  The girls were always scantily clad and Burt’s character was ridic. But it was so fun that it was a really . . fun movie.  My vocabulary is astonishing no?

I think if you like comedies, and you like scantily clad wholesome women, volleyball, and or Paul Wesley, then you will enjoy this movie.


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