Catfish – Review

Catfish is a movie of intrigue; what is it about? Who is it about? What happens in it? The trailers for the film were all secretive and indie; cryptic and rogue.  Well, the mystery is solved. 

The story of Catfish is about a young photographer, Nev, and his brother Rel who start up a pen-pal situation with an 8 year old protege painter.  Abby, the 8 year old, paints Nev’s photos, and she’s amazing.  So Nev and Abby start a friendship, he sends her photos, she paints them and so on and so forth.  Through an 8 month relationship Nev talks to Abby’s mother, Angela, he chats with Abby’s sister Megan and basically becomes friends with this family without ever having met them.  One day the brothers decide to go to Michigan (they are from NYC) and meet the family and the protege herself.

I unfortunately cannot reveal any more of the plot without giving everything away!  It was made that way on purpose.  If you would like to know the rest of the plot and don’t care about spoilers I believe this review, HERE, says it better than I ever could.

The movie was. . . okay.  It wasn’t fantastic.  It wasn’t horrible.  The twists were interesting.  I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for this kind of film.  I also feel like I had hyped it up a lot in my mind so it kind of dragged when the time came.  It might not be worst movie ever material; but it’s not on my top 5.


One thought on “Catfish – Review

  1. CMrok93 March 6, 2011 / 5:56 am

    The film begs lots of questions about how, and when, it became clear any of this was worth documenting, but it certainly was. I still don’t know whether this was real or not, but despite that all, I was still interested while watching this. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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